B2B Win/Loss Interviews

On Demand

Why do it ?

Are you tired of reading one-word, un-actionable, win/loss codes from Salesforce.com?

Or seeing knee jerk product and pricing decisions in reaction to anecdotes heard from the sales team at the end of the quarter?

Win / Loss Interviews are about listening to the most important person – the customer.

Listening to understand where we do great – and where we can do better.​

They are, simultaneously, the most valuable … but underutilized intelligence sources for the B2B Enterprise …

… we fix that.


The results from Win/Loss Programs inform your Sales, Marketing, Product and Pricing Teams on weaknesses that need improving and strengths that need emphasizing  – across your whole offer.

Leading to better products, more effective marketing, increased win rates and faster sales cycles

… resulting in greater market share and profit.

How it Works

1. We Meet

Once we have met with you then anyone from your company can submit a Win/Loss Interview Request ... on demand.

2. You Request

Provide details of the person you would like us to interview and, optionally, an assessment of why YOU think you Won or Lost the Deal

3. We Survey

So we can gather quantitative data and to set the stage for the interview itself.

4. We Interview

We complete the interview, using the survey responses as a backdrop for guidance on where to press, and from there we write up the final report.

5. We Summarize

We summarize the key findings of the interview and combine with the quantitive survey results.

6. You Purchase

You review an executive summary of the report - and it is then, and only then, that you decide whether to purchase the full report or not. No risk for you.

What you get

A report on the interview with the Won or Lost customer detailing their subjective view of:

  • Engagement Factors
  • Offer Factors
  • Product Factors
  • Brand Factors
  • Demand Factors

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