About Us

Headquartered in Austin, TX we are a team of seasoned former Product Managers, Marketers, and Sales leaders with tenure across a range of B2B industries.

We have spent our careers speaking with real-life won and lost customers to identify and implement improvements in:

  • Marketing and sales engagement.
  • Pricing and financial offer structures.
  • Product and product roadmaps.
  • Corporate positioning and brand development.

Our customers come to us because they are frustrated.

  • Frustrated at the one dimensional, un-nuanced and, almost always, un-actionable single word Win / Loss reason codes in the CRM system that were considered as “Win/Loss Research”.
  • Frustrated that their product teams were being informed on product development and roadmaps by second hand anecdotes heard at the sales review meeting at the end of the quarter.
  • Frustrated that their pricing approach was been driven by end of quarter sprints to “make the number”.
  • Frustrated at not knowing if their brand stories and value propositions were not being heard by the market. 

We knew a better job could be done with Win/Loss.

We knew that B2B enterprises had a goldmine of great insight into their whole offer – right out in the open – but were just walking past it every day and we wanted to change that.

But we didn’t want to create “just another consulting company” that needed weeks of project scoping, complex contract negotiations, and requiring our customer to make a hundred thousand dollar plus business case – we wanted Win/Loss to be simple and easy.

We wanted to create a win/loss on-demand service that:

  • Could be ordered as a service.
  • Had a simple process.
  • Had an affordable price point
  • Delivered quality results.

And that is what we did.

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