About the Service

When a B2B enterprise wins or loses a deal, there is almost always much to be learned from that prospect. However, over 80% of the time the B2B enterprise doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity. Either because of lack of time, tools or a designated group responsible. We solve this problem by offering B2B Win / Loss Research, and we do it on demand, by the interview. 

When we survey our customers, it usually comes down to a combination of the following three reasons.

  1. They don’t have the time. After a Win or Loss, sales is off to pursue the next deal, and rightly so. Product Management is too busy managing the last release, and Marketing is too busy creating new thought leadership content and generating leads.


  2. They don’t have the tools. To do Win / Loss well, you need to have a process – a methodology.  Many times, our customers don’t have this in place and are reluctant to launch a Win / Loss program without them.


  3. They worry about veracity of customer feedback. The B2B Enterprise worries, rightly, that they won’t get the “truth” from the customer. Particularly in the case of a Loss, they speculate that the customer – because they don’t want confrontation or want to offend – won’t give the B2B enterprise the frank and candid feedback they seek.

No one disputes the value of Win / Loss Research – it just falls off the list of things that need to be done. That is where we come in.

Because oftentimes our clients don’t have the time or resources to do this, and this what we are passionate about and experts in. We are a team of professionals whose sole focus is providing Win / Loss interviews, and we do it on demand. We never “don’t have the time” to do a Win / Loss Interview – it’s all we do. We use industry-proven frameworks and methodologies and, because we are independent, we often get the candid feedback from the customer that they may well be reluctant to give to you.

You can see an example of a completed report here.

On Demand means that we don’t require you to enter into any long term agreement with us. We don’t require you to commit to a minimum number of Win / Loss interviews, for example per month or per year.

You can order 1 Win / Loss interview or many. And you only have to make the choice of whether to purchase after the interview and after you have seen the Executive Summary. 

You will get a report that is a combination of a survey and live interview with your Won customer or Loss prospect. This report will detail, across five scoring dimensions, how the interviewee assessed each of these dimensions – where you did well, where you did poorly, and how each factor contributed to or detracted from the final Win or Loss outcome.

Think of this report as a diagnostic: it gives you areas that you, internally, can further flesh out and act on.

You can download a sample report here

Because,  given the right setting,  most people generally want to be listened to and understood – to know that their opinion and views are valued. The trick is – you have to do it outside of a sales context.

If customers sense that a meeting has a sales agenda, then the answers they give to ANY questions may well be guarded and carefully crafted.  And, oftentimes, they have formed a relationship with the sales team – and this can inhibit frankness and candor.

As an independent research agency, we come with no such baggage – are only interest is getting the unvarnished truth.

About the Process

We make the process as simple as we can for you and for your prospect.

  1. We Meet. We always insist on meeting our clients first, just so we get to know them and answer any questions from them. Once we have met with you, anyone from your company can submit a Win / Loss request. (We don’t process Win / Loss requests from companies we haven’t met)


  2. You Submit a Request: We ask you (the Requester) to provide details of the person you would like us to interview (the Interviewee) and, optionally, an assessment of why YOU think you Won or Lost the deal. Once you have submitted that, we give you a choice – either we will directly contact the Interviewee with a Survey Link, or we will send you email copy and a unique survey link that you send in an email to the Interviewee


  3. The Interviewee completes the survey. We will monitor when the survey is completed. At the end of the survey, we ask the Interviewee if they would be open to being interviewed. If they say yes, we either let them arrange the interviewee themselves or give them the option of one of our schedulers to contact them.


  4. We complete the Interview. We conduct the interview by using the survey responses as a backdrop and for guidance on where to focus.  From there, we write up the final report.


  5. We post a summary of the report. We make available a summary of the report and the survey results, with some redactions, and send it directly to you.


  6. You purchase (or not). You review the summary and, at this point, you can choose to purchase or not purchase. If you purchase, then we send on the complete, un-redacted, report.

Learn more about the process

We measure our success by 3 factors

  • Number of Win-Loss Interviewees that completed the survey (85%)
  • Number of Win-Loss Interviewees that go on to take the Interview (80%)
  • Number of our customers that purchase the full report after seeing the Executive Summary (>95%)
About the Methodology

In the Survey and then in the interview, we ask your customer (the Interviewee) to assess you across the following four vendor dimensions (that’s about you) and one customer dimension (about them)

Engagement Factors

This includes aspects such as marketing experience & messaging, sales engagement & process, demo experience, timeliness & responsiveness, seeking to understand pain points, decision criteria & business needs, overall sales attitude & approach.

Offer Factors

This factor includes aspects such as price/offer structure, overall pricing levels, transparency of pricing, predictability of pricing & value for money & fit of offering to budget & need.

Product Factors

This includes aspects such as vision & roadmap, features, performance, usability, fit/integration with existing solutions, scalability, complementary offerings, implementation costs & ability to customize/configure the solution to the business.

Brand Factors

Includes aspects such as reputation on the marketplace, digital/web experience, demonstrable relevant experience & references, overall professionalism in presentation, demonstration of vision & expertise, analyst coverage & opinion.


We also ask them to comment on one customer side factor, to understand if there were things going on in their organization the led to the win or the loss:

Demand Factors

This area includes aspects such as such as change in leadership, change in priorities, budget re-prioritization & reduction, decision to remain with status quo.

This is where we go beyond the simple one dimensional, non-nuanced nature of Win / Loss codes. We want to learn about the customer’s view of each of these Assessment Factors. To do this, we use a scoring scale that runs from -3 to +3, and any given Assessment Factor could have either contributed to or detracted from, the Loss. 

For example – Offer and Pricing may have been seen as a positive (and given a positive score) despite the final Loss.  This is something we want to learn from.

We also ask the customer to Rate (sometimes this is called Weighting) each of the factors in terms of their importance. For example – you may have scored a +3 on Brand Factors, but the customer only rated Brand Factors as a 1 out 5 in terms of importance.

Yes – you can access a copy of the survey template here.

Yes – you can access a copy of a sample report here.

No – and that is by design. We no more would want any conformational biases from our interviewers to contaminate the research process than we would want yours. Our interviewers are seasoned B2B Product Managers, Marketers, and Sales Executives that have years of experience participating in B2B sales/buying cycles.

When you order the Win/Loss Interview we offer you the opportunity to request areas you want us to press on / or specific questions to ask. 

But generally, to get the most value out of a Win / Loss engagement, we take an Inductive Research approach.  This means we let the customer guide us where they want to go. What we don’t want to do is take a Deductive Research approach where we are testing a presumptive hypothesis.  By inserting leading questions, we would be doing exactly this. 

Imagine in the case of a Win Interview that we inserted the question “What do you think of Feature X”, and the customer talks about how they liked “Feature X”. We might conclude that we won the deal because of “Feature X”. No such conclusion can be made. The only reason that “Feature X” might have been mentioned was that we brought it up

Other Questions

You certainly can, and feel free to use our survey template as a fast start. Surveys are a good start – but they are one-way communication; they are not interactive. They give you high-level directional information at best. But – if that is all you have the time and budget for – we highly recommend you start here.

No. We have this singular mission: B2B Win / Loss Interviews – On Demand. Why? We want you to have confidence in the authenticity of our findings. We have no upsell agenda – we are not looking to position any other “consulting” services with you. Think of us as the specialists … in and out … on-demand … job done … until the next time you need us.

As professional Product Managers, Marketers, and Sales leaders, we were frustrated at the one dimensional, un-nuanced and, almost always, unactionable single word Win / Loss reason codes that were considered by most of the organizations we worked for as “Win/Loss Research”. We knew a better job could be done. We knew that B2B enterprises had a goldmine of great insight into their whole offer – right out in the open – but just were walking past it every day. We wanted to change that.

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