The Win/Loss Process with SteelPoint Research

Summary / TL;DR: We built the Win/Loss Interview Process to be as a simple and with no risk to you.

Step 1 – We meet: We always look to meet with our clients for the first time so we can get to know you, understand what’s important to you and where you are in your B2B win-loss program within your company. Once you have met with you, then we’re ready to take any win-loss interview requests you may have – on demand.

Step 2 – You Request: In the  Win-Loss Request submission  you include details of the deal, when it was won or lost, and the target interviewee details, including their role in the decision-making process. You will also optionally have the opportunity to assess why you think you won or lost the deal.

Step 3 – You Introduce: Once we have that request, will send an email confirming receipt and also include in that e-mail proposed text for you to send the target interviewee along with a unique survey link. Now, we need you to make that first introduction so that we have the credentials to take the process forward from here. From this point, you’re not involved in the process and we take it from here.

Step 4 – Target Completes Survey: Here, we ask the interviewee to make that initial assessment of why you won or why you lost across your whole offer – across your engagement, offer, product and brand factors. At the end of that survey, we will ask the target interviewee if they are open for that all-important win-loss interview. Most of the time they’re willing, but if they complete the survey in decline the interview, then we’ll send you the survey results at no charge and close the request.

Step 5 – We Interview: Using the survey results as the backdrop  -and our methodologies and processes. This is where the really interesting insights come. Typically, interviews take about 30 minutes but will stay on with the client until they’re finished. Of course, we take care of things like we re-scheduling, cancelations and no shows our goal is to secure and execute that interview.

Step 6 – Exec Summary: After the interview, we write up an executive summary and send the link to you. And we’ll also include the survey results as well.

Step 7 – Purchase (or not):  If you want to see the full Win-loss report, then it is at this point you can make that decision to purchase. Now, we want to de-risk this process as much as we can for you, which is why we take the risk that you’re going to want to see the full report. Now, if you choose not to purchase, then we will close the request. No harm, no foul. And we’ll be standing by for your next request.

Step 8 – Full Report: Once you complete the purchase, then we’ll send you a link to the complete report. We find this process from request to report takes about two weeks. And of course, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. And that’s it.

It’s that simple, no complex contracts, no minimum commits – B2B win-loss interviews … on demand.


Download an example of a final report

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