Reasons Why B2B Doesn't Do Win/Loss

Summary / TL;DR: No one ever has said to us, “Win / Loss is a waste of time,” but Enterprises are not doing Win / Loss primarily because one – or all – of these reasons: -They don’t have the time, they don’t have the tools, or they don’t think the customer will give them the candid feedback they seek…We fix that.

After seeing the real value of a Win / Loss program, we often get asked this question by our clients: “Why don’t B2B enterprises do this all the time for themselves?” We find that those three recurring reasons explain why this doesn’t happen in the B2B enterprise, and we have described them here in more detail.

They don’t have the time: The sales guys are busy after the next deal, as they should be. The product managers are focused on the next release, and the marketers are focused on the next trade show or social media campaign, and so on.  And, while no one has ever said to us, “Win / Loss is a waste of time”, it often seems to fall off the priority list because that first interview takes time and perseverance to pull off.

They don’t have the tools: People know that to do a great Win / Loss interview, you can’t just pitch up with a blank piece of paper. To make the most of that interview, to be able to generate valuable data and insights from which patterns might emerge – for that, you need structure and process.   More often than not, our clients don’t have that.

Veracity: Will the customer, particularly the lost customer, be honest with them? Or, are they going to get some kind of sugar-coated answer? This is particularly a risk when a salesperson tries to do the Win / Loss interview. Whether the deal was won or lost, typically, that salesperson has some kind of relationship with the interviewee. And this can prevent the interviewee from giving up full and candid feedback. 

So, we here at SteelPoint are often a welcome relief for our customers. We have no commitments and no complex contracts. All we do is Win / Loss. We are built for that. And, we do it all on-demand. We have all the tools, processes, methodologies, and, because we’re independent, we get that straight talk from customers that many times our client won’t get. 

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